Introducing My Family

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Before I do any more posts, I think it’s time I introduce my family.

Who’s All In The Family?

If you read my About Me page, you already know a little bit about me. So, I will begin with my other family members.  We have DadJonz, Sassy Frass, Equestrian Girl, The Softball Chef, Teddy, Carlos and of course MomJonz.


DadJonz is pretty laid back.  He doesn’t say too much and can’t stand our dogs.  He pretty much goes with the flow until we get on his last nerve.  If we had to pick the calm parent, he would win the award.  We met years ago in college and just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary last month.  I must say he’s the perfect man for me.  Patient, loving and can put up with my crazy behind.  That takes a special kind of man alone.


Sassy Frass is the youngest. If she were our first born, she probably would have been the only child.  Don’t get me wrong; she’s the sweetest thing ever, but she is incredibly honest about everything.  I have to stay on my toes with this one.  Some days I think I’m a first-time mom again.  She keeps us all entertained with her theatrics and antics.

Equestrian Girl is our middle child.  I’m sure you know what she loves just by her name.  Yep, she loves horses.  Most of her conversations revolve around horseback riding.  And trust me, when I say conversations….this girl can talk!  She loves riding horses and already looking into colleges that offer Equestrian Science.  Love the ambition! I just think of all the times my mom use to tell me to take a talking timeout as a kid.  I understand and apologize mama!  HAHA
amomsblog introduction of my family

The Softball Chef is the eldest child.  The chef loves to cook, but not fond of cleaning up afterward.  Yeah, that’s a major problem up in here!  I don’t say too much, cause she can throw down in the kitchen!  And yes, I do make her clean the kitchen.  When shes’s not hitting books or cooking, she’s practicing her pitching.  She loves Social Studies and a science geek, two subjects I’m not fond of.  This is how she’s most like her dad.  Their conversations hurt my head.

Next up are Teddy and Carlos.  Both Teddy and Carlos joined our family while living in Japan.  We were visiting Australia when I told my husband we had a dog at home.  That didn’t go over too well. Months later, Carlos joined us, and that took DadJonz over the edge.  Teddy is a miniature Poodle, and Carlos is a Maltese.


MomJonz is one cool, awesome lady!  I love my family and all the craziness they bring to my life.  I love hanging out with my family and friends. Laughter is always a must with me.  The truth is, I always look for the good in everyone I meet, but people can work my nerves!

We Are Family

We are dysfunctional.  We are wild.  We love to laugh and live life.  We don’t try to outdo anyone.  We all have a bit of style and love fashion.  We are just who we are, and that’s family.  So, that’s about it.  Come back to read more!


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