He’s Going To Pass Out

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We are on our first vacation of the summer.  Between Sassy Frass and Carlos, they are going to drive me insane before our first full week.  Neither will sit down!

Let me set the scene for you.  It’s HOT!  The temperatures are high 90’s and we’re in the good ‘ole volunteer state.  Sassy loves sitting out on the porch; that’s totally understandable. Carlos loves walking around the yard and then plopping down in the hottest spot in the garden.  The next thing you know, both of them are running around the yard nonstop.  Now Sassy has a bloody nose and Carlos is barely able to walk and breath, but he refuses to come on the porch and most definitely refuses to come inside the house.  He’s now huffing and puffing like he’s about to pass out and I’m trying to figure out how crazy he is.  DadJonz always says the dog isn’t the brightest.

Where’s everyone else?  Yep, they are inside or chilling on the porch.  Teddy is even chilling on the porch.  He’s not budging; he’s stretched out relaxing.  Equestrian Girl and Softball Chef are relaxing too.  They begin to bring a bowl of water out for the dogs.  Teddy takes a drink no problem and then stretches back out on the porch.  Nope, not Carlos.  He didn’t want any water.

I’m finally able to get him to join us on the porch.  He walked up, sniffed everyone along the way and went to the top step and stretched out.  My mom stopped and asked if he was ok. She was confirming his sanity, not his health.  He didn’t stretch out in the shade on the porch.  No, he stretched out on the top step, right in the direct path of the sun.  This totally tickled my mom.  She doesn’t like dogs either, but because of her grandchildren, she allows them to come.  When Carlos is inside the house, we usually find him sitting on my mom’s couch (dogs aren’t allowed on our furniture at our house).  He shouldn’t be on any furniture.  EVER!!  My mom was even concerned about him and told him he could sit on her couch if he would go inside.  Of course, I’m cracking up because to see my mom talking to this dog is hilarious.  He still didn’t budge.  As soon as Sassy walked by he was up, ready to play again.  The two of them together are like the energizer bunny.  They keep going and going.

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  1. Oh goodness! My dog is the same way! I just scoop him up and take him inside haha!

    1. HaHa. We scooped him up too and then he cried at the door.

  2. I am no longer dog owner but I can totally relate.

    1. They are cute and crazy.

  3. OMG Arent Dogs just the best? I miss having one 🙂 Yo just made me smile on this rather grim Brit Friday!

    1. Glad I could make you smile. Hope you had a great weekend.

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