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A person wearing a pair of shoes with lace on them.

Photo Property Of: MomJonz

I set out on a mission to be a QUEEN at our Navy Ball.  Little girls always want to be princesses and when you get all dolled up heading to a formal event people comment, “You look like a princess.”  That’s great, but I wanted to be a QUEEN this year.  My hubby agreed, and he said, “yeah, find something that will give you that edge.  You know the villain.”  Hmmm….dude, what?  He laughed and said, “no, not EVIL, but you know what I mean.  Ok, let me just go mind my business.”  But, I knew exactly what he meant.  So, I went on the hunt.

Now, let me tell you a little about my Ball gown shopping.  It gets really intense cause I usually wait until the last minute and I refuse to shop at local stores or department stores because I fear to have a gown twin and OHHHHH NOOOOOOO, MomJonz ain’t having that!

I did right this year and searched the web early.  After finding a few selections, I showed my hubby, and he immediately fell in love with one.  He said it gives the edge I wanted, and it speaks Queen, no princess about it.  WHHAAATTTT???!!!!!  BOOM!!!!

Preparing For The Ball

Getting Those Arms and Back Right

Ok, ok.  Let me tell you how I prepared.  Yo, most of the time I have NO game plan whatsoever, but since turning 40, I’m really trying to get it together.  Yes, I still fly by the seat of my pants and random as all get out, but it’s me and works for me (most of the time).

A woman is holding a rope in her hand.

You know I told you I started working out.  So, me and my big mouth decided to ask the workout leader to focus on arms and backs because I had a FAB dress and wanted to show off my hard work.  MANNNNNNN, she had me walking around like a T-REX.  The rest of the group wanted to throat punch me.  Look, I won’t open my mouth EVER again.  BUT, I did look GOOD!

Shoe Shopping

I love shoes and usually purchase my dress around the shoes I buy for the special occasions.  This year I got the dress first.  I knew I needed some sexy shoes, but nothing too over the top that would take away from the dress, cause the dress had to be 100% focal point.  Yes, folks, I have made the shoes be the main attraction for a gown before.  Don’t shake your head at me.  Lol  My mother-in-law is in town visiting, and we went shoe shopping together.  MAN….it was a long day, but I walked away with three pairs of heels, and yes, I kept all of them and will wear those jokers soon!

Getting My Makeup Done

This year I took the plunge and had my makeup done by a professional. About 2 hours before heading out to my makeup appointment I had the bright idea of doing a cellular renewal masque.  YES!  I knew better.  I knew I should’ve done this at least 24 hours prior, but I was feeling daring and went for it.  My face was RED and TENDER.  Good LAWD!  I will do a post all about it, and yes, I have pictures.  SMH

A woman is posing for the camera while wearing makeup.

I’m no makeup artist, and I wanted something GRAND.  When I showed up for my appointment, I showed Toni a picture of my dress and her words….”Oh, I want to make you look like a queen tonight!”  That made me smile and told her to do her THANG!  The best part was a friend from the workout group was also there getting her makeup done, so you know we had to snap a selfie.

It’s Time To Get Ready For The Navy Ball

Hubby Isn’t Ready

My mother-in-law and I ran in and started getting ready.  DadJonz….”oh, I have to shower, and the steam will mess up your hair and makeup.”  DUDE, really?  You haven’t even showered?  Ok, whatever.  My hair was twisted to help give some control to my natural curls, so I decided to just sit on the floor and untwist my hair, add a little oil and pin it up until hubby finished in the bathroom.

I love my hubby with all my heart, but this man is slow.  I expected him to be halfway dressed when I got home because my makeup appointment went a little late.  Nope. I couldn’t yell too much because he did need to tend to Fashion Diva Girl.  She ate something with a trace of nuts and had a reaction.  Nut allergy in our house.

It’s Time To Put The Dress On

Hair done and makeup on point, it was time to pull out the gown.  This was hubby’s first time seeing me in the gown.  I walked out of the closet to have him finish zipping the back, and his eyes lit up!  He uttered….“MY QUEEN!  DAMN!”  Yes, this gal grinned from ear to ear.  We all want and need compliments and especially from our husbands.  I took his compliment and sashayed out the room and down the steps.

My daughters gave me their warped compliments..”mommy, you actually put on clothes today.”  “Mommy, you did something to yourself.”   And, “ohhhh….mommy, daddy is happy to be married to you today.”  Carlos even came over and sat on the bottom of my gown as I sat to put my shoes on.  I can’t stand him sometimes!

Heading To The Navy Ball

I love posing and taking photos.  It’s just what I do.  So, here’s where I’m going to just overload you with photos of my gown, getting ready to leave and hanging out with friends and having a blast at the Ball.  And yes, I’m going to let you know where I got my dress.  Cause look, we go to a lot of formal events.  I love getting dolled up and feel like I need a new dress for each event. 

My husband goes with it as long as I don’t get too outrageous with my need of “no gown twin” and a decent price range.  That’s hard sometimes.  BUT I found a great site with beautiful gowns, great pricing, and excellent customer service.  Hmmm….should I really share my little gown secret with you????  Ok, sure.  This gal does believe in helping others save a buck and look good while doing so.  They have such a wide selection that I’m not worried about running into you with the exact gown.  Are you ready??????  Ok, so……I got my gown here!  (just click it, it’s ok.  And yes, this is a sponsored post). Be sure to continue to scroll, check out the photos and read more about the evening.  

A woman sitting in an orange chair outside.

Photo credit: Procrastination Jonz

A woman in red dress sitting on an orange chair.

Photo credit: Procrastination Jonz

A woman in red dress holding a cell phone.

Photo credit: Procrastination Jonz

A woman in red dress standing on the side of road.

Photo credit: Procrastination Jonz Click photo to shop this dress

A woman in red dress standing on the street.

Photo credit: Procrastination Jonz

A woman in a long dress standing next to an suv.

Photo Property Of: MomJonz

It’s Time To Enjoy The Navy Ball As A Queen

We arrive, and I hop out the truck.  This gal is ready to get her grub (I will do another post soon with more details about dinner) on and hit the dance floor.  Yo, I go to get my groove on.  So, after dinner, it was time to dance and socialize freely.  So, let’s see what went on. 

I LOVE TO DANCE and HANG OUT WITH GREAT FRIENDS, So let’s see those moves in action!

A woman is holding onto a green laser beam

Photo Property Of: MomJonz DadJonz thinking I’m crazy. lol

A group of people in a room with lights on.

Photo Property Of: MomJonz Jamming out. That’s my workout instructor to the side of me. Yeah, I complain, but I love her!

A woman in a red dress and some people

Photo Property Of: MomJonz Oh, we got down!

A group of people dancing in the middle of a room.

Photo Property Of: MomJonz Dancing with my homie! Get DOWN!

There Are Great Things About Navy Life and Navy Balls


Two women posing for a picture together.

Photo Property Of: MomJonz Picture time with mother-in-law. I’m not always wild and random. lol

A man and two women in formal wear posing for the camera.

Photo Property Of: MomJonz Family photo

My mother-in-law is in town, so of course, she joined us for her first ever Navy Ball.  I just didn’t drag her out shoe shopping with me as I mentioned earlier.  She came along and participated in the fun too.  Now, let me tell you a little about my mother-in-law.  She’s a chatterbox just like I am.  She is also very honest like me. No, I didn’t show her my dress until the day of the Ball cause I didn’t want to know what she thought about it.  However, when she walked out during my mini photo session, she fell in love with it!

A group of people standing next to each other.

Photo Property Of: MomJonz Great friends hanging out. The Navy reconnects so many. We are family!

Another great thing about Navy Life is reconnecting with old friends.  We meet so many people through this life.  Some you can’t wait to leave and others you don’t want to go.  BUT when you have that opportunity to meet up again and even live in the same neighborhood and throw rocks at one another houses, it’s even better!  Ok, we don’t literally throw rocks at one another, but we live that close.  It’s great knowing that we have family so far away from home.  Heck, we met this couple far away from home and reconnected far away from home.  We are ocean family for sure.  HAHA

The Night Is Young, But Time For The Queen To Shut It Down

We danced the night away and had a great time!  But as they say, “You AIN’T Got To Go Home, But You Gotta Get The ____Outta Here!”  So, we went home, but first…..I still needed a few pictures to flaunt my gown.  So this is how I ended the evening.

A man and woman posing for a picture.

Photo Property Of: MomJonz Ending the night with the last prize drawing. No, we didn’t win

A woman in a red dress standing next to some trees

Photo Credit: DadJonz Click photo for next gown purchase.  All occasions

A woman in a red dress holding onto a car

Photo Credit: DadJonz
Yes, I came home and did squats in my gown and heels. My feet though…..lol

A woman in a red dress is holding onto some silver objects

Photo Credit: DadJonz Yes, I ended the night with what I did to work those arms and back. Form…not so great, but I did it and with heels.

A woman with brown eyes and hair in a bun.

Photo Property Of: MomJonz I washed my face and smeared my lipstick all over. Maybe I need a makeup removal lesson too. Hmmmm….

Being a Queen is all about how you feel about yourself.  The dress just seals the deal for you.  We are all queens and we all rock!  Smile and love yourself ladies.  Buy yourself that special dress to feel beautiful, take that extra moment to do that lipstick.  It’s ok to feel and look beautiful.  Love yourself!

As you can see we had a great time and I loved my Ball gown.  So, if you need help finding that perfect gown go check out JJsHouse.  

Know You, Be You, Love Youâ„¢


And yes, this is a sponsored post by JJ’s House, but this is my story.  Take a look around and see what they have to offer, bookmark the site for your next event.  Be sure to share this post to help a friend find their perfect gown too!

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