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  1. Good article! Thank you! I used to dream of being a mom was intrigued with being pregnant and wanted 7 to 10 kids.
    I grew up with a lot of family around me that had tons of kids. I saw the kids help take responsibilty and help for the care of the younger ones. That impressed me.
    Yes I thought I’d find my knight in shining armor as my husband too.
    I spent my summers with granny and would get to play house with this cool metal dollhouse and had access to a J.C. Penny’s catalog that was all mine. I’d cut out pregnant mamas, kids, babies and pictures of houses.
    I got married out of high school and had kids of my own, went to college and felt so ill equipped to be a Mama. Shoot it wasn’t supposed to be this hard was it!
    Sometimes I didn’t like being a Mama and most of the time I loved it.
    Without filling in details I survived up to this point to be a grandma and great grandmother.
    I like that you took time to do the things you desired, went to school and got that job as well as your special husband, Marcos and sweet #TeamCarlos and have some awesome girls! I find you an excellent example of an entrepreneur, being real, a mom & the way you have the girls take responsibilty and how you and Marcos foster your marriage to strong and healthy!

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