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What do you think of your smartphone? Is it a necessary evil, or do you love it? Or perhaps, do you not think of it at all and only use it when absolutely necessary? Do you even own one? 

Although everyone is different, for most people, their phone is important. It holds all their important information, it’s a source of entertainment, it means they can always be in touch with friends and loved ones, and essentially they can do whatever they want with just one device – it’s convenient and easy to handle. 

No matter what you think of your phone, however, you might not realize that it can make you a better cook. If you’ve been wondering how to improve your home cooking and ensure you and your family have healthy, nutritious, good-tasting food to eat, keep reading because it might be that your smartphone is the answer. 

Knowledge At Your Fingertips 

Gone are the days when thumbing through cookbooks or meticulously handwritten old recipes passed down through the generations was the only way to access any form of information about cooking and recipes. With your smartphone, you’ll have instant access to a huge selection of recipes, cooking techniques, and ingredient information, meaning you can design a menu that gives you everything you’re looking for with ease – if you wanted, you could have a different meal every night for years. 

Platforms like cooking websites, food blogs, and even dedicated cooking apps are a treasure trove of culinary knowledge, and whether you’re looking for a traditional family recipe or an exotic dish with ingredients you’ve never heard of before, a few taps on your smartphone can bring it all to you immediately. 

Interactive Cooking Tutorials 

Visual learning is a powerful tool and many people do well when they use this technique. It can work for most things, but it’s particularly useful when it comes to cooking, and smartphones have opened up a realm of interactive cooking tutorials and videos that guide you through each step of the recipe, ensuring that you can quickly and easily pick up on new ideas and techniques without having to guess at any of the processes (which could lead to some big problems). 

You can pick videos that are just right for your cooking level, from complete beginner to pro, as well as various different styles and cuisines, so no matter what takes your fancy, there will be someone online to help you create it. Plus, because there’s so much choice, if you don’t like the style or personality of the first presenter you choose, you’re sure to be able to find another right away, especially if you ask how does VPN work and then put one in place to help you bypass geographical restrictions to websites, giving you more choice than ever before. 

Set An Alarm

Cooking will usually involve some pretty precise timing if you want to achieve the best results, and this is another area where your smartphone can help you – you can use your smartphone’s alarm. 

This is a handy function if you’re cooking just one thing and need to make sure you don’t leave it in the oven too long, but for meals with multiple components that you’ll need to do different things with at varying times, having the ability to set more than one alarm – and name each one – is ideal. Plus, if you’re using your smartphone, it means you don’t have to be in the kitchen the whole time, as you’ll have the alarm with you – you’ll be more productive and still get meals cooked to perfection.

Measurement Conversion 

 As we’ve said, cooking is a precise kind of science which means that accurate measurements are vital for not just tasty results, but consistent ones too – the last thing you’ll want is to cook something great and then not be able to make it again. 

Smartphones come equipped with unit conversion apps that effortlessly transform measurements from imperial to metric or vice versa, as well as other conversions that can help you. This can be an invaluable feature when you’re looking at recipes from other countries that might use different measurement systems, as it means you won’t have to guess, and you’ll always have the right amounts to use. 

Smart Kitchen Appliances 

The modern kitchen is all about having the right appliances, and these days you’ll find a lot of those appliances are smart ones. In other words, they can be used via an app on your smartphone, so you have complete control over them at all times – you can even control them remotely, which can be ideal if you want to preheat an oven on your way home, for example. 

It might be that you only need to have a few different appliances, and you’ll be able to create the most delicious dishes, all through your smartphone (barring any prep, of course). 


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