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Weight loss, when managed correctly is certainly a healthy and worthwhile goal for anyone who embarks on that journey. It’s a transformative experience that comes with physical, emotional, and mental health benefits. Statistics reveal that 49.1% of adults in the US add weight loss to their annual list of goals and targets. However, excessive weight loss comes with some downsides that are less talked about. This discussion highlights and few and how to overcome them.

1. Loose skin

 During the weight-shedding process, loose skin becomes evident as part of the transformation process.

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A lot of fats deposited under the skin are responsible for the cellulite you see around that area. Believe it or not, that fatty deposit helps keep the skin quite firm, but it becomes an entirely different story after weight loss. During the weight-shedding process, loose skin becomes evident as part of the transformation process. While this is not the type of positive transformation you wish to see, it happens because excess weight stretches the skin. However, when the pounds are shed off, they leave loose skin in their wake. According to science, the human skin can stretch and contract depending on certain external factors it is exposed to. It takes time for the skin to contract after significant weight loss. That usually happens when you lose weight rapidly, and the skin has insufficient time to return to a pre-weight gain state. Some people opt for surgical solutions in extreme weight loss cases, while others hit the gym hoping to build muscles to provide support for the skin. Another noteworthy point here is that your body deals with loose skin due to certain predetermined factors like genetics. Sometimes, it’s best to know your family history before attempting to deal with loose skin after weight loss.

2. Maintenance stress

Believe it or not, it’s even harder work to keep the excess pounds off after losing it. According to fitness surveys, people who lose a significant amount of their weight are more likely to gain it all back within a year of non-activity. Therefore, you have a bigger job to maintain an active lifestyle after weight loss and be consistent with your workout routines. The journey doesn’t end once you’ve reached your desired weight, and for many people, that contributes to maintenance stress. Unfortunately, the associated stress can lead to potential relapse, bringing you back to square one. It’s best to adopt and commit to sustainable and realistic habits that support your new lifestyle. As part of preventive mental health measures, acknowledge that a setback could happen after initial weight loss. However, you can be kind to yourself to accept that it is yet another challenge to overcome. It will help to use a multiapproach to tackle this common downside of weight loss. First, seek weight loss maintenance guidance from credible gyms like Fitness 19 and consider consulting nutritionists to help you maintain a healthy diet.

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3. Increased sensitivity to cold temperatures

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Fat provides insulation in cold weather, and that is one way the human body is able to keep warm. However, a surprising downside to weight loss is an increased sensitivity to cold temperatures. It occurs due to the decrease in body fat, which triggers a slower metabolism. The combination of these physiological changes makes it difficult for your body to keep up, therefore resulting in heightened sensitivity to cold temperatures. You can deal with this by prioritizing proper layering in cold weather. Quality fabrics like fleece can maintain body warmth for longer without your body succumbing to the chilly weather. You must also consider maintaining warmth in your extremities as they are the hardest hit in cold seasons. It is recommended to increase your physical activity levels that boost cardiovascular health and provide increased body warmth. 

Before you get all excited about your weight loss, make it a point to learn about its less-talked-about downsides. Doing that makes weight loss more sustainable.

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