1. Ha ha – I loved the icecream truck – always got an ice cream sandwich – ice cream between two chocolate wafers. Not even sure it was the ice cream that was that good. I think it was the memories of summer it brings with it.

  2. I miss the ice cream truck so much. You would think that in the Southeast here, when it gets to feeling like 100 degrees one would be in the neighborhood, but nope.

    What’s up with that? 🙁

    • MomJonz

      You know, it’s funny you say that. Cause they really don’t come around like they did when we were kids. You would think they would be out everyday.

  3. All of these ice cream flavors took me back to my childhood. Ice cream from ice cream man always seemed to taste better. Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

  4. Julie

    I wish we had an ice cream truck in this neighborhood. Oh well, it is great memories as a kid, but I hated the music as an adult in an old neighborhood. Good times.

  5. Yes, yes, yes!!! I remember the ice cream truck very well! I would go for one of those “sno-cones” now! That is what we call the shaved ice topped with syrup in my home country Jamaica! Sweet, sweet memories.

    • MomJonz

      Yes, the sno-cones were the best! I use to get the sno-cones from a corner store. The one this ice cream truck sold wasn’t made in front of you. It’s already made and frozen in a package. That SWEET syrup just doesn’t taste the same. lol

  6. [ Smiles ] Hmm. I was probably a strange a kid.

    I never went crazy when I heard the music from the ice cream truck, because most of the time, I had ice cream at home (I was a so-called spoilt kid).

  7. You seem to have such a lovely family! Wish I could join you and hopefully get a bit of ice-cream too, now I really want some, hahah 🙂

  8. I won’t forget the jingle of the ice cream truck. Sadly they don’t do that here or many places anymore due to kids running in front of cars. I’m sad that any child would be injured pursuing the jingle of their favorite truck yet the memory of those special times I was allowed ice cream remain a treasured time in my mind.

    • The first time my kids heard the ice cream truck they darted straight to the street. We had to have a talk about being cautious. I get excited when I hear the jingle.

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