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A close up of an ice cream cone with different colored toppingsDo you remember that sweet jingle from the ice cream truck?  Oh, yes! That sweet sound of summer came ringing through my door this afternoon. My kids were outside playing with Teddy and Carlos when Fashion Diva Girl (was Sassy Frass and then Debo) came running inside screaming the ice cream truck was coming up the street.

My kids spent lots of time visiting my family in Tennessee.  I still remember the day the ice cream man drove up the side street but didn’t come down my mom’s street.  Don’t mess with granny’s girls not getting their ice cream.  She jumped in her car, chased the man down and had him come back to the house.  She then instructed him to come to her house every day until further notice because her grandchildren were in town.  There were no other kids on her street, but she was going to ensure her babies got their ice cream.  She even set a little envelope of money to the side for them to grab in case she didn’t hear the truck.

As I watched Fashion Diva Girl run to her room to grab her little change purse with Equestrian Girl, and The Softball Chef not far behind her.  It put the biggest smile on my face.  They each ordered their ice cream, and I even got me a little something courtesy of Equestrian Girl.  We each sat and enjoyed our special treat with smiles and laughter.

A group of people sitting on the floor with food.

Enjoying our ice cream

This moment brought back the sweet memories of when I was a kid.  The hot days of summer riding bikes, playing outside for hours, running around the neighborhood all day. But, when you heard that jingle, you ran home to get your money to stand in line to order your ice cream.   I always ordered the purple icee.  HA! Ha!  It wasn’t grape; it was purple. Lol  But, it was oh, so good.  By the time everyone finished drinking theirs, you had ants crawling around everywhere.  You always had that one kid that dropped their cup or let their popsicle melt and run down their arm.

Do you have a sweet memory of the ice cream truck from your childhood?  I won’t lie, I felt like a kid standing there trying to choose my ice cream for the taking.


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