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Life is a process, and the most important thing is that as you move along the timeline, you are able to look at things and see progress. While it is inevitable that sometimes things will move faster and other times they’ll go slower, it is never a bad idea to consider milestones an important part of this progress. When you’re older, you’ll look back and you won’t see years at a time, you’ll see moments of particular importance. That’s why it’s good to mark the milestones you pass with a suitable memento.

What counts as a milestone?

As far as this question goes, it’s really only you that can decide what deserves to be considered a milestone. For some people it will be running a marathon or starting a business. For others, it will be their first child or getting their doctorate. Milestones don’t need to be huge, comparatively. They just need to be things that matter to you. If you set particular value in learning German well enough to write a business email, then calling that a milestone is absolutely valid. It’s the personal significance that matters; it’s you who will be looking back on these things later on.

How do you commemorate a milestone?

Different people mark off moments in different ways: they might create a scrapbook or memory book, containing keepsakes like the bus ticket from the journey to a graduation ceremony, or the menu from the takeout they had to celebrate the launch of their business. Some people hold parties, from which the photographs will mark the memory, while some people may buy themselves a small gift; tokens from the likes of https://www.whiteflash.com/ might be the perfect way to remember a special moment. All of these are things you can take out and look at in years to come; if you doubt how far you’ve progressed, you’ll have them as markers.

Why does reflection matter?

Looking back and commemorating your moments of success is important – not least because we’re all familiar with imposter syndrome. It’s easy to look back at a set number of years of your life and ask what it’s all been for. Having something concrete to look at allows you to remember the times when you thought you wouldn’t graduate or that you wouldn’t have the stamina to run a full race. Every time you think you can’t, every time you feel like a fraud, your keepsakes are a way to remind you that you’re not. You deserve to feel positive and that you’ve earned some joy.

It’s important to celebrate milestones, no matter how small you may think they are, because they are all part of what goes into making you the person you are. We are molded by our experiences, and if you take the time to remember what went into those experiences, you’ll realize that your achievements reveal a lot about you and the remarkable person you are. Don’t underestimate that: life’s not a straight, serene path, and to keep going and keep hitting those milestones is a big deal.

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