Meet Carlos The Maltese

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Are you ready to meet Carlos the Maltese?  I hope so, cause Carlos is going to share some of his adventures and antics with you.

Carlos is our crazy little Maltese that we rehomed while stationed in Japan.  He was 5 months old when he came to live with us. His original owner was an active duty sailor and just didn’t have the time to care for him, so she started her search for a good home.  A friend saw him and told me about him.  There was no way I could bring another dog into our home.  Without my husband knowing (he was deployed), I had already rehomed a cute little poodle named Teddy.  But, Carlos was oh so adorable.  Yep, he joined us.

Meet Carlos The Maltese
My new family took me to get groomed, and I was patiently waiting to go outside to roll in the dirt.

So, the story for a few days was simple, we were doggy sitting.  After awhile my husband wanted to know when the owner was coming back.  I had to break the news and DadJonz wasn’t happy, but he saw how much I enjoyed the little fellow and let it be.

This little ball of fire is like the energizer bunny.  OMG.  He runs around all day like he’s in a romper room.

We moved from Japan to Maryland in 2014.  While in Maryland, he enjoyed the snow.  December 27, 2016, he boarded a United Airlines flight to fly across to another island.  This was the beginning of a new adventure for him and our family. This was when the idea of creating a special little place just to share his adventures came to mind.

So, sit back and enjoy hearing all about the fun places and things he gets to experience with MomJonz.

We will share some tips on how to prepare for this move (you gotta stay tuned to find out about the new island) and our overall experience.

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  1. I sure have grown to love Carlos. I’m sure he’s trying at times yet how could you stay mad at such a handsome boy!

    1. Carlos is a hoot for sure.

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