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A girl with her hands on the side of her face.

This house is full of Divas.  A house of 4 Divas can be a bit interesting. Add a house of Divas with a lot of hair and living in Hawaii makes it even more interesting. Yes, the weather is always beautiful, but add humidity and natural hair to the mix.  Boy, oh boy.  I came across our new best friend to continue to be Divas and practical….hair tie holder bracelet.  BOOM!  Yeah, continue reading.

My kids leave the house with really cute hairstyles every morning.  By the time they come home, it looks like a comb never touched their hair.  Heck, it’s the same with my hair too.  Between hiking, heading out to the beach and just our normal living activities we can’t win the battle of stylish hair for the entire day.

Mind you I have one serious Diva, we call her Fashion Diva Girl.  Everything has to be fashionable and glam with her.  She loves rocking her hair bows and jewelry everywhere we go.  You know how people say adding accessories will make any outfit pop? This girl believes and practices it to the fullest.  Y’all, I can’t even be mad at her.  She does have amazing style!

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Wearing her hair down is out of the question right now.  She used to ask questions about wearing her hair down like many of her little friends, but after many discussions, she now understands her hair isn’t like her friend’s hair and she’s ok with that. She’s learned we can do a lot of different styles and she can still rock her cute bows and hairbands.

Hair Tie vs. Hair Tie Holder Bracelet With Style

A typical day consists of my girls heading out the door with their hair braided, partially down or all down.  This depends on which child it is.  But remember, these kids are going outside at recess, PE or walking to classes in an open-air school.  They’ve learned it’s always a great idea to have extra hair ties in case one pops or a hair emergency.  That sudden rain shower that lasts all of 2 minutes, but will ruin your hairdo in 2 seconds.  ?

Hair is mostly styled once a week or the night before with morning touch-ups as needed.  They come down one by one with the eldest one first.

Procrastination Jonz Hair – Tween Hair and Style For Goodness Sake

Procrastination Jonz is in middle school, so I never know what her style may be.  We do braids from time to time, but not often. Her latest style has been a ponytail because of track practice after school, and it’s just easier to maintain. She’s currently injured and wasn’t trying to participate in a photo opp.  ☹

A group of six different colored bracelets sitting on top of a table.

Even with rocking her ponytail, she loves dressing cute and accessorizing.  It’s actually amazing how much they change from not caring to “NEEDING” to be cute each day.  I remind myself she’s growing up.

She opts for the Sporty Collection of her choice for the hair tie holder bracelet, aka Hair Banglez.  She likes the soft silicon feel and that it doesn’t clank against things.

Equestrian Girl’s Hair and Style

Next, we have Equestrian Girl.  She is somewhere between Fashion Diva Girl and Procrastination Jonz when it comes to her style.  She’s’ in that finding myself phase when it comes to all things other than horses.

A woman wearing a black bracelet with words on it.

Yep, she will rock those black hair ties on her wrist every day.  It doesn’t matter how cute her outfit is.  Those darn hair ties will be right there like they are solid gold bracelets or something.  We all know it’s not a great idea to wear elastic tightly around our wrists due to the chance of infections.

A woman holding up a pink ribbon in the air.

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No more ugly hairbands on her wrist.  She walks out the each day flashing some style with her new Banglez.  She just asked about buying some for her friend’s birthday.  I thought to myself, “not a bad idea at all!”

If it’s a fresh flatiron style, she will make an attempt to wear it down.  The photo above is a typical day for her when she makes this effort.  She knows that beautiful flat ironed hair is going to poof before her school day fully begins.  However, she makes an attempt often anyway.

Fashion Diva Girl’s Hair and Style

I mentioned how much Fashion Diva Girl loves fashion and MUST have some glam at all times.  Even though her hair is a bit shorter, it is still long enough to make an afro puff or a short ponytail when it’s braided.  

A close up of the arm of someone wearing a pink and black bracelet

Ms. Fashion Diva Girl loves to take her hair down at school sometimes.  Yes, you already know I fuss.  She quickly informs me she can pull it back into a ponytail.  I never see her walk out of the house with any hair ties and asked where she was getting them to pull her hair into a lopsided ponytail.  Her response, “I keep some in my backpack because it’s just not cute to wear them around my wrist like my sister.  She’s not very FASHIONABLE!”  Yes, folks.  This is why I’m insane.  lol

She can now be “FASHIONABLE” with her lopsided ponytail and drive me insane at the same time.

MomJonz ‘s Hair and Style

I love to dress up, it makes me feel good and beautiful.  I will admit, I’ve been a major bum these last few months.  I started working out, and so my hair is pulled up more and you know I mentioned the humidity.  It does nothing for my hair.  Well, it’s fine when I wear it curly, but to straighten it is another story.

A woman with long hair wearing gold bracelets.

This gal needed to cover up some wisdom aka gray hair.  So, I went ahead and had it flat ironed.  As we were heading out the door, I grabbed a hairband and put it on my wrist (I knew that cute style was going to puff. As you can see it did).   NO! Instead, I ran to grab myself a Banglez.  Took that hair tie and put it in the grooves.  Lovely!  Now I’m stylish and grown. A little glam to accessorize my softball practice attire.  Looks so much better than having a plain hair tie around my wrist.

So, as you can see these HAIR BANGLEZ are cute and practical for all ages.  Take a look around and buy your household some for the upcoming summer.  Not only do these cute Banglez keep your outfit stylish, but it also helps cut down on the chances of infections.

****This is a sponsored post and I thank Hair Banglez for the opportunity to check these out.  WE love them.  My husband does too.  He is happy to know he no longer has to see the plain elastic hair ties around my wrist.***

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