I Realized The Benefits Of Lingerie

how lingerie can boost confidence
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I was facing a dilemma that I am sure most spouses have encountered before. What do I buy for my husband for his birthday? For his last two or three birthdays, I have struggled with this decision.

My husband is a very simple guy, who pretty much wears the same clothes year after year, and only seems to like running sneakers and Garmin watches. He needs to try all running sneakers on before actually making a purchase, so that was out. As for a Garmin watch, I just could not afford it. So running out of options I decided to get creative and do something I had not done since 2013. 

Shopping For The Perfect Lingerie

I wanted to make this birthday special by wearing lingerie for him.

I scoured the online websites looking for the perfect lingerie. Making a selection was not easy because I hate exhibiting certain parts of my body.

After searching online for days, I finally settled on a black lace halter top with lace thong, which I planned to wear with my black stiletto pumps. I played it safe, black has always been within my comfort zone and the thick straps on the halter top made me feel more comfortable about showing off my broad shoulders and thick arms.

 When the package came in the mail, I was excited, nervous, and also felt a little foolish. I had not put on lingerie in six years and after two babies within the last four years, I am now plump and carrying some extra cushioning in all those dreaded areas. In spite of this, I have to admit that I was looking forward to his birthday. 

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The Transformation To The Confident Woman I Once Was

The day finally arrived and after celebrating with our two children, I put the kids to bed and then went into the bathroom to begin my transformation.

It felt weird but as I applied makeup and slipped on the stiletto heels, I slowly began to feel a difference within me. I looked in the mirror and instead of seeing the tired, ponytail, yoga pants wearing, stay at home mother of two I had become, I saw a sexy confident woman staring back at me.

I walked out of the bathroom with a straight posture, head held high, and a switch in my hips    (or at least that is how I felt). The appreciation I saw in my husband’s eyes once they landed on me made the effort I put in, totally worth it. I knew immediately it had been a gift we both much needed.

That night we broke out of the routine quickly we had been having since the birth of our first child. There was actual passion and intimacy and we were on a high from it for a few weeks. My husband even asked me a few times to put on that same lingerie piece. However, that was minor compared to what I really learned from the experience.

What most stood out to me from that evening was how I felt about myself. I felt beautiful,  seductive, desirable, confident, and proud of my body. 

Lingerie Can Boost Confidence

That night I realized the benefits of lingerie. After doing some research I learned that women who wear lace, thongs, sexy bras and panties report feeling more confident, sexy, powerful and feminine. Lingerie does not have to be for the enjoyment of a significant other. I now realize that the psychological and emotional benefits of beautiful sexy lingerie are well worth the investment even if it’s just for your own eyes.

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