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Once you’ve finished work, what do you do with yourself? Are you the kind of person that heads to the gym to be able to run out all of the adrenaline you’ve built up through the day? Do you like to go for a walk so that you can get into nature and breathe some fresh air that isn’t recycled through an office? How do you like to spend your time when you’re not in the office? Downtime is super important whether you are working in an office or you’re working from home. In fact, it’s probably more important if you’re working from home, because when you work and you have your downtime in the same place, it can be very difficult to differentiate the two in your mind. Everybody destresses and unwinds differently after they’ve been at work, so you have to figure out how you’re going to do it, too.

Are you planning to slouch onto the couch with a Ben and Jerrys and a movie on TV? Or do you want to just sit and stare into the void? Whatever it is that helps you to relax after work, you need to get your hand stuck into it and get going. Some people love to do crafts. Being able to let go of screen time and do something that they create is an exciting way to unwind and spend time. You need to be able to distract yourself from the pressures of the office, so we found some activities for you so that you could learn to unwind properly after the working day. Let’s take a look below.

Go for a walk. If you’ve been sitting in front of a computer all day long, then the best thing you could do is get yourself into the fresh air and start pounding the pavement. Whether it’s a walk to your nearest town center to pick up some things for dinner, or you decide to go on a date to walk after work. You could really unwind once you get outside. Of course, you can also pull on some joggers and go for a run, but if you just want to go for a walk, make sure you leave your work shoes at home and put on some comfortable ones so at least the walk that you do is a good one.

Write down what happened in your day. If you work somewhere that makes you feel stressed, or your job itself is stressful, it can help to journal how you feel or what’s happened that day. Don’t go with the surface level scribbles like what filling you had in your sandwich for lunch, but talk about the feelings and thoughts and clarify them for yourself. Sometimes going back over that diary at the end of the week could help you to identify any holes in your working day or any issues that you’re having with your personal life. You’ll be able to get to know yourself a little better as well.

Sink into a book. If you’re looking to step away from your screen and you don’t just want to sit at home scrolling through TikTok, then making sure that you have a good book on hand can really help you to unwind. Stepping into the imagination and the world of somebody else is a great way to roll back the day and settle down to relax. If you add yourself a plate of food or a bowl of snacks with it, you will be able to read and eat and escape from the day at the same time.

Get under the blankets. You don’t have to go to sleep, but burying yourself under a mound of blankets is really a good way to unwind after work. If you live alone, a weighted blanket can basically make you feel like you’re getting a big cuddle from somebody else. You’ll reduce your anxiety and you can settle down to watch a movie or a TV show that makes you feel like you’re escaping your day.

Cook something nice. You might not consider it, but cooking can be a great way to unwind after work. Putting on some music, pouring yourself a glass of wine, and following a recipe to the letter allows you to create something out of just a pile of ingredients. That sense of achievement in itself is a nice way to pat yourself on the back after a long day. And when you’re having a crummy day at work and you need a way to not feel so helpless, then watching something be beautifully made by your own hands can help you to do that.

Dance it out. If you have a bunch of adrenaline rushing through your body from your working day but you don’t fancy going to the gym, put on your favorite playlist and dance it out. Dance away the adrenaline and the pent up energy and just get a little bit silly to loosen your body up. Sitting down all day long at a desk can make you feel tense, as can keeping your shoulders under your ears because of the onslaught of everybody else. Not only will you reduce the risk of depression, you’ll be able to sleep better and generally make yourself feel so much happier purely because you had music going.

Watch funny videos online. A great way to unwind from your day is to go online and watch funny videos that make you happy. Being able to belly laugh can help you to destress and lift your mood, and you’ll be able to have a good giggle at somebody else’s expense for a change. Of course, make sure that you are watching videos where people are allowing you to laugh at them, because otherwise it’s just mean. 

Go for a massage. A great way to properly unwind after a long day at work is to head to one of those local massage centers and get yourself rubbed down. You can go for something as little as 30 minutes and still feel great.

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