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A group of children holding onto a kite

As we explore our new neighborhood, I see a lot of little preschoolers. This got me thinking about all the fun toys my kids played with at this age.  My mind goes into overdrive each and everyday thinking of all the favorite toys for 3 years olds.  And of course, I had to ask my kids what their favorite toys were at age 3. I’m not sure if they really remembered or not, but they did chime in.

I Was That Mother

I was the mother that tried her best to ensure each toy had some sort of educational experience with it. My mother-in-law is a retired 5th-grade math teacher, and after we had our 1st child, she wanted to know what my plans were to educate her.  My response was simple, “read and talk to her.  Heck, she’s just a baby, so what else can I do with her?

By the time she hit 3, I knew I had to get on my A game.  So, every toy I came across had to be researched.  I needed to know what toys would help me educate my child.

So, as I walk around looking at these little three years olds with their little toys, I thought, “hmmmm….what’s the latest and great toys for 3 years olds?  What’s the best advice to pass along to these moms?”  Well, it’s simple.  Check out Diapers.com for toys for 3 years olds and a great mom tip.

A room with many toys on the floor

Toys For 3 Years Olds Should Be Fun

As a first-time mom and even as a mom now (I consider myself a seasoned mother with three girls, youngest being 8) I make mistakes.  Heck, I have several mommy fails a day.  But one thing I’ve learned for sure is that all toys have some educational benefit to them.  And toys for 3 years olds should be FUN!

If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you that I’m all about kids learning to play independently. Don’t get me wrong, mom and dad should get down on the floor to play with the kiddos, laugh and have a good ole time.  A great toy in my book was a toy that my preschooler could sit and entertain herself for at least 30 minutes.  This mommy needed to get that bathroom and laundry started.  Ohhhh……I HATED laundry and still HATE IT!

A Seasoned Mom’s Top Pick For 3 Years Old Toys

  1. Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Clock – I love this clock, and we still use it to practice telling time with my 8-year-old.  This a great toy for many different purposes.
  2. Dolls, Trucks or anything you can find around the house – The best form of play and learning is imagination.
  3. Board Games – My favorite board game for 3 years olds is Candy Land.  They have fun, learn colors and learn some serious counting skills.

Are you wondering if I used these items myself?  The answer is, “HECK YEAH!” And you know what? We still own all 3 of my top picks.  My youngest still loves playing with Barbies during our weekly slumber party nights.  My imagination skills are improving each week.  Cause my Barbie used to only take naps.  lol

As mentioned above, we still practice telling time with the clock, and I still use Candy Land with my little clients.  

A doll is sitting on the bed with pillows.

My Kids So-Called Memory Of Their Favorite 3 Years Olds Toys

Let me give you my MomJonz disclaimer here.  The girls started rambling off their favorite 3 years old toys.  Mind you, my kids are eight, ten and twelve so how much they remember of being 3, I don’t know. But, regardless, this is what they shared.

  1. Rubber Duck – My eldest said she loved the rubber duckie and bath time crayons. She was that child that loved drawing all over the bath tub walls.  This was my kid I felt the pressure of education with and she was an early writer and reader.
  2. Baby Doll – My middle daughter said she loved playing house with her baby doll BoBo.  This one I believe she remembers.  She still has this little doll, and her gown needs a wash.
  3. Blocks and train – This is the youngest one’s favorite.  I don’t recall EVER giving her a train, but she did have blocks.  Blocks are perfect for building fine motor skills.  She would sit and create all sorts of things as I reviewed homework with her sisters or cleaned the bathroom during the day while her sisters were at school.

When I asked them what they remembered most about their favorite toy, they each replied, “when you and daddy played with me.”  This so warmed my heart and made me smile.

They each know daddy and I both work hard to ensure they are taken care of.  DadJonz is a Naval Officer and is either out to sea or has a crazy work schedule depending on our duty station.  The girls know I hold down the house and must ensure there’s an even balance of taking care of daddy, myself, them and the house.  But one thing I try to maintain is the FUN and playtime we incorporated in our home when they were younger.

The last bit of advice other than my top picks is to take advantage of online shopping.  As busy moms with little ones, there are times you just DON’T want to leave the house.  Diapers.com is right at your fingertips, so take advantage of having all your needs delivered right to your front door.

It’s your turn.  Take a walk down memory lane for when you were a child, what was your favorite toy?

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