1. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your focus on the educational value of toys. I’m going to ask my kids and grand kids if they remember their favorite toys.
    I have a grand daughter bringing her baby into the world today. I’m keeping diapers.com in mind to purchase for him.

    • Thank you, Cindy. Yes, I believe education is so important, and as parents, we are our children’s first teachers. Toys can be both fun and educational.

  2. Louise

    Wooden toy food with Velcro they can cut, little plastic animals, Calico Critters and duplos/blocks/ trains/ play-doh – plus I think every child should have a wooden cart they can put “stuff” in and push around. It doubles as a car, baby stroller, shopping cart etc…

    • Great ideas! Oh, I cringed at play-doh. lol I remember telling the girls to keep it in the kitchen, on the table. I found it upstairs, in the garage, etc. OMG, those little pieces were everywhere. The stroller was so many things in my household and I could never get it right. lol

  3. Thanks for sharing! We definitely try to choose fun and educational toys for our kiddos- we try to focus on open ended toys to get the most value and opportunity for play out of them.

  4. Demetri Benton

    Great post. I think it’s so important to start educating kids at an early age. I read to my daughter from day one and made sure she had plenty of educational toys. Thanks for sharing..

  5. Give me a child for 7 years and I have him/her forever.

    Kids are sponges and simple play, fun play, and where possible educational play are all good fundamentals for developing young minds


  6. Chondra Rankin

    Great tips – education is AWESOME, but sometimes kids also just need to be kids and have F-U-N! Thanks, Sybil!

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