Hello! I’m Sybil, aka MomJonz. I’m the founder of Mamas and Coffee® and so happy you’re here!

I’m a simple lady who handles things at home as others do. Yes, sometimes I’m fussing or wanting to run and hide. And there are times I sit in the bathroom and tell my family I’m pooping so that they will leave me alone for a minute.

Oh, wait.  Should I not say that out loud?

Oh well, I just did. ????

I am on a mission to empower women one sip at a time by using my gift of gab.

I want to help women in life through my message  Know You Be You Love You®.

Who Is the Woman Behind The Scene

Here I am a small town gal from East Tennessee who packed up and moved to attend the University of Memphis, where I graduated with a degree in Logistics and Marketing.

That was years ago!

Memphis was a whole new world for me.

I quickly realized that I wasn’t in my small town bubble anymore.  My entire world was rocked.

Goodness.  lol

I Met My Husband, and We Started A Family

I met my husband while in college. Yeah, he saw me and couldn’t take his eyes off of me. According to him, I acted like Jasmine Guy’s character Whitley Gilbert on A Different World.

We still laugh about that to this day. And we’ve been married for 20 years.

After graduation, he was full steam ahead in the Navy.

As a Navy spouse, I had to learn to ride the waves pretty quickly after saying, “I DO.” I learned to take things head-on and let other things roll off my back.  That move to Memphis holds nothing to the moves and adventures I encounter as a Navy wife.

But I love every moment!

I’m a mother of three lovely children (3 teenage daughters, oh my) and own a silly little Maltese.  They keep me on my toes and challenge my patience daily.

There is NEVER a dull moment in our house.

Mamas and Coffee® Purpose

So often, as women, we forget to LOVE ourselves and have some FUN! Instead, we compete and compare our lives with all the other women around us. But, we forget they are drowning too.

Trust me; they want to scream, “HELP!” They fear being judged; that same fear you have and that fear that I HAD. It’s entirely past tense for me now, and I hope it will become the same for you too.

I can’t wait to get started discussing things that every woman thinks or says. If you haven’t thought it or said it, I’m sure you will one day. And you know what? It’s A. O. K.

Who is MomJonz? The owner of Mamasandcoffee.com
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I am a fun, honest, raw, and fashion-forward woman. I’m a storyteller who loves sharing her story in hopes of helping others.

This site is about Love, Life, Family & Home. The good, bad, and ugly.

I will always keep it real (all my experiences and views) about anything you ask or wonder (trust me, I will dig into all subject matter). You may not agree, and that’s ok. That’s why we are all human.

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, tea, water, soda, wine, beer, whatever your drink of choice may be, and enjoy the ride.


On April 17, 2021, I had an unexpected stroke at a going away party for my husband. A stroke was NEVER on our radar. Since then I vowed to share my testimony and journey to help bring awareness to stroke, especially a rare cause of stroke such as mine.

Mamas and Coffee®

Mamas and Coffee® Mission

To empower women in their daily lives through our message of Know You Be You Love You®. 

We believe that YOU must know, be, and love yourself before anyone else truly can.

MomJonz from Mamas and Coffee®

The Delivery Of Our Message

We believe in good ole hospitality. So, our message is always delivered like friends sitting on the couch, enjoying a cup of your favorite beverage, and catching up on old times.

Our Focus Is You

We want to give women a place to come together to talk, learn, laugh, share, and help one another. Most importantly, we want to help women take that step and continue on the path to Know You Be You Love You®. 

Coffee Talk is that place.


Hear What Others Are Saying

This group brings women together. It’s nice to get others’ opinions, to be open with your opinions and to not feel judged if they differ.

Sybil is always open and honest and makes you feel safe with your thoughts.                                         ~ J Mann

I’ve known Sybil before she started her group. I knew of her desire to bring women together and to empower them in every phase of their life. Mamas and Coffee® was born and is one of the best groups I’m part of. She’s real, every woman in the group is. There’s no judgment, just community and support.                                                                                                                                           ~ Tamara I. 

Being a member of Mamas and Coffee® is very inspiring and encouraging. It’s also a safe place to be yourself and is truly a “no judgment” zone.  I look forward to the daily posts and weekly face to face chats.  Members are always encouraged to be the best version of themselves by taking “me time” to focus on self care.  This group has truly been a blessing to me!
~ Cindy E.
Joining MaC allowed me to join a group where I could interact and feel connected with other moms no matter where I am geographically. Moving is a guarantee in our family, starting over a constant, and having a place to feel supported and friendship brings stability to an area of my life that sees much turnover. Recently MaC added Zoom Chats. I was so excited to do a virtual meet up with some of the women I see every day on Mac! We got to talk in a relaxed forum from the comfort of our house about our children and technology. I got to hear from more experienced moms about their experiences which helped me gather ideas I can use in my own home. I cannot wait to hear more and build stronger relationships in the community I am lucky to call mine.
~ Rachel P.