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    Hold ‘Em Tight and Be Cute While You Get Your Fitness On!

    Are you looking for functional, but cute sports bras to exercise in?  When I first started working out, I grabbed any ole thing I could find from my dresser.  Why?  Cause I didn’t want to invest in workout clothes.  And that’s ok.  Especially if you’re unsure about your dedication of hitting the gym, pavement, bike or whatever your choice of exercise is.  If you don’t want to purchase any other workout clothes, you should at least grab yourself a cute sports bra for your workouts.  Trust me; YOU FEEL A DIFFERENCE!

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    Skinny Girl To Fit Fabulous Woman

    Hello Skinny Fit and FABulous Ladies! It’s so nice that us skinny girls finally have a voice through this beautiful lady, Sybil Jones! I am honored that she invited me to share my Skinny Fit and FABulous story with you all! Let me first start by saying, it has been a long journey for me and yes, the struggle is real.  You see it all day long on T.V., social media, magazines and billboards. Weight loss! Weight loss! Weight loss!  There must be over a million weight loss programs, companies, doctors, pills, gurus, etc, etc! But how often do you see anything for weight gain? It’s like we don’t even…