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Mamas and Coffee® is all about empowering women through our message:

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After videos from witnesses and surveillance videos became public on May 26, 2020, the world witnessed the May 25, 2020, killing of George Floyd. We watched as he said the words, “I Can’t Breathe” and as he called for his mama.

This sparked a conversation among the women of Mamas and Coffee®. There was a cry for change. There was a shout to do something. Our group of women heard and felt that cry.

Our first step was to have a Race discussion. As the owner, I set up a zoom session immediately. The turn out was FABulous. Every woman chatted, had some vulnerable conversations, and the ladies wanted to do more.

What could that be? The idea floated around about a book club. But we didn’t want to start just any ole book club. We wanted to make an impact. We wanted to have some discussions that may make you uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is part of making a change.

So, here you will find books that we are reading and discussing as a group. Books that make you go, hmmm…and may make you reevaluate yourself. And books to add to your child’s library for race discussions.

Our group is a diverse group of women and I’m proud to be part of such a dynamic group of women.

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The Well Read MaC Roundtable Selection

Books That Make You Go, hmmmmm…

Mamas and Coffee® Race Reading Suggestions For Youth

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